norma kamali iphone app

How fashion-App-le! Norma Kamali's new iPhone application. Photo courtesy of Norma Kamali

Only Norma Kamali could get away with designing a fabulous, double-breasted jacket with a tail in terry cloth -- and charging $650 for it. But the designer isn't only about expensive price tags.

Kamali's new slogan: "The Democratization of Fashion" was unveiled during New York Fashion Week and is all about mixing it up.

Now meet the designer's new iPhone application, simply called Norma Kamali -- a free download on iTunes.

While it allows you to peruse her pricey couture collection, the app also lets you browse Kamali's wallet-friendly line for retail giant Walmart, where you can score a shirred sleeveless dress in black or white for just $18.

In addition, you'll be able to check out Kamali's exclusive collection, distributed exclusively on eBay at With mid-range prices that fall between the couture and mass retail lines, you can find classic Kamali styles like a red Boat Neck Diaper Dress for $200.

Faced with a declining economy and a digital revolution, the veteran designer -- who's been credited with inventing the puffer jacket after a freezing cold camping trip -- has decided to stay fresh by finding new ways to show and sell her collections.

"New technology, like the iPhone, is the biggest cultural revolution we have experienced since the 60s," Kamali says. "And new technology inspires us to create new solutions."

Other features of the app include a 'Share' button for each look, allowing you to send info to friends via email, Twitter or Facebook and a 'Buy Now' tab that directs you to either the Norma Kamali Collection Website, eBay or Walmart to immediately purchase your item of choice.

Now that's fashion at your fingertips!

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