Blocked-out Brows at Jonathon Saunders Spring/Summer 2010. Photo: Getty Images

Call it The Case of the Missing Brow.

Eyebrows have slowly but surly disappeared from many high profile runways. At the fall shows, we noticed blocked out brows on a spattering of edgy catwalks. But this season, for Spring 2010, they're practically mainstream (evidence in the gallery, below).

We had to investigate, so we questioned M.A.C Senior Artist Romero Jennings - who is a backstage fixture at fashion week - at a recent StyleList shoot. "Last season, the makeup artists bleached the girl's brows for the shows," he explained. "But, some of the models didn't dye theirs back after, and the became a trend."

According the Jennings, bleached out brows are a relic of the early punk rock era. "It's that punky, junky late 70s, early 80s thing that women did, and many designers were inspired by that look last season and again this season."

To try the browless look sans bleach, Jennings suggests using M.A.C Duo Lash Adhesive on your brows, and going over them with powder foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone.

The best part of this method? With a little soap and water, your eyebrows will be found again.