Dina Lohan has dreams, big dreams. How will she fare as a fashionista? Photo: Charles Eshelman, FilmMagic.com

We hit the Trump Plaza in NYC today for a press conference on Dina Lohan's new shoe line.

Dubbed "Shoe-Han," the brand is a collaboration with Long Island, NY-based LoveMyShoes.com.

But as soon as blonde, tan Dina Lohan walked in, she was ready to set us straight on a crucial miscommunication: "The line is not called 'Shoe-Han!'" she insisted.

Whether or not the name -- coined by the brand's publicist -- sticks, we're happy to report that all of the shoes will be under $100, and the collection will launch around Mother's Day 2010.

That said, let's get to the fun stuff.

Things we didn't know about the Lohan ladies

  • They all wear the same size in clothes (which, if Dina and Lindsay are any indication, is a zero). Lindsay lent mom a sparkly vest, black Ungaro mini and even suggested some black leather YSL boots for the shoe launch. "My kids dressed me," Dina explained.
  • They all wear the same size shoe, too, which according to Dina is an "Eight and a half or nine."
  • "Lindsay's been cutting up clothing since she was like, three. We used to call her the 'bag lady' when she was little. She's just so genius at fashion. She just has a gift," Dina gushed. She also addressed Lindsay's critically panned Ungaro design debut, insisting, "It was great. Don't believe what you hear!"
  • Ali Lohan is taller than both Lindsay and Dina. "She kind of flies under the radar and wears flats."
  • Dina explains her limits when it comes to heel height and bows down to fashionista Victoria Beckham: "I'm just not gonna wear, you know, like, Beckham shoes. Victoria's gorgeous and younger than me... I'm not gonna wear a shoe that's like, this high," she gestures.
  • Did Dina inspire Lindsay to go blonde? "No, absolutely not. She dyed her hair blonde because she just wrapped a movie, [even though] my ex and 'Access Hollywood' said she hasn't [been working]," she told StyleList, visibly upset. "If you go on IMDB you will find out that she's still doing films. She's slated to do a Woody Allen movie in October -- thank god on the east coast. She's still working!" Oh, cool. We were just here to talk beauty and style, but while we're on the gossip train...
  • We asked Dina if she'd like to play matchmaker and set Lindsay up with anyone in Hollywood. "You know what, I would never do that because it's [up to her] who she falls in love with... it's about what she has grown to love. It's not my job for her. She will pick who she loves. I will just accept it and love her," she explained.
So much for talking shoes!