Hair Parade at Louis Vuitton Spring 2010. Photo: Getty Images

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010. Photo: Getty Images

Marc Jacobs is known for making statements.

And the hair spoke for itself at today's Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 runway show at Paris Fashion Week.

Hair stylist Guido Palau created oversized Afros in varying shades of blonde, red, black and brown by sewing together five small wigs to form each majorly big one, reports WWD.

To further the cartoonish effect, Palau placed a small bow on some of the wigs - helping the hair look even bigger while conveniently punctuating the Spring 2010 bow-in-hair trend that Jacobs kindled with larger, 80s-inspired versions at Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Makeup was futuristic with a coy dash of Pollyanna - crisp white lids paired with Twiggy-esque lower lashes, frosted lips and a high flush to the cheeks.

The overall effect was doll-like and animated - like you're a little girl playing with your ragdolls, but you happen to be on acid.