Marc Jacobs backstage with model Natalia Vodianova at his Louis Vuitton fashion show. Photo: Eric Ryan, Getty Images

Marc Jacobs pulled a fast one on the international editor set at his Louis Vuitton show in Paris yesterday (Oct. 7).

The designer is mostly fawned over by the press, however the consistently tardy designer has earned himself a few
enemies too.

In 2007 the Jacobs' reputation for lateness led to a very public fight with editors in 2007, when his New York Fashion Week presentation started more than two hours behind schedule.

After influential International Herald Tribune critic Suzy Menkes savaged him in her review -- slamming his tardiness, among other things -- Jacobs sounded off:

"I work my ass off. I don't take vacations. I don't have homes all over the world. I don't ride horses: I [bleeping] work for a living. Again, like this idea, you have a family? OK, well that's nice, I don't, and I work. So leave me alone and don't come to the show next time."

This was already after Vogue High Priestess Anna Wintour had warned him to get a watch in 2005, when his show was only half an hour late.

But Jacobs had the last laugh this Wednesday, when he started his spring 2010 Vuitton show promptly on schedule -- before many dawdling seat-holders had bothered to show up.

"It was crazy," said a spy. "The front row was half empty when the lights went down!"

Many editors were heard grumbling later that Jacobs had found a novel way to stick it to his critics.

But with design talent like his, Jacobs is laughing all the way to the bank!