October may just be the most important month in a woman's life. It's a time when we all ban together to support breast cancer awareness.

I wanted to do something special and original for Purple Lab - not just take an already-pink product and add a ribbon.

Pink Ribbon: A swish of Photo: Courtesy of Karen Robinovitz

I met three inspiring women last year - Malaak, Andrea, and Hayley - all of whom lost their good friend to triple negative breast cancer, a rare and aggressive subtype I had never heard of. Nor had any of my friends.

And when I heard the story of their friend Nancy Block-Zenna who inspired them to create The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, a charity that supports awareness and research for TNBC, I knew I had to do something.

Too many of us don't know what this type of breast cancer is!

Meet SWAC (Sealed with a Cure, pictured right), a sumptuous gloss formulated with lots of TLC ingredients.

It's packed with echinacea, a purple cone flower used as an herbal immune system booster and mangosteen, an anti-oxidant rich super fruit from the Sundra Islands and Indonesia (true story - I overheard Marc Jacobs saying it was his favorite fruit when I was in his showroom!).

Other pampering ingredients include Vanilla, an aromatherapeutic scent said to soothe depression and Vitamins C and E, which nourish and moisturize.

If you are going through chemotherapy, your lips get very dry - and if you are going through chemo, I hope that you'll wear lip gloss because there is no reason to not feel feminine and beautiful, especially when your body is fighting an illness that attacks what makes us feel feminine.

Sealed with a Cure in Nancy. Photo: Courtesy of Karen Robinovitz

The shade, named Nancy, is a delicate, shiny pink with hints of gold tint (real gold, BTW!) and it comes with a love note, Nancy's life story and the legacy she left behind. 20% of our proceeds give back to TNBCF. Available at b-glowing.com for $18.50.

So let's kiss this disease good-bye...FOREVER!

Purple Lab Creatrix