Obviously a blonde, meticulously perfecting her makeup. Photo: Kurt Hutton, Getty Images

This just in: Blondes really do have more fun.

That is, if your idea of a good time is standing in front of a mirror and putting on makeup (woo hoo!).

A new survey conducted by Goody hair care revealed that blondes spend six more minutes per day than brunettes getting ready -- totaling 22 days of the year, compared to 19 for dark-haired gals, as reported by The Telegraph.

(22 days?!? What have I done with my life?)

According to the survey, blondes reportedly devote 72 minutes per day on their beauty regimen, while brunettes take 66 minutes.

For a night out, however, blondes spend and hour and 58 minutes putting their game faces on, versus a brunette's hour and 51 minutes, the paper reported.

That daily beauty routine breaks down into a 16-minute shower; 14 minutes for hair; seven minutes on teeth (yep -- they're all there!); 11 minutes for makeup and outfit selection, respectively, and 12 minutes on tanning, tweezing and hair removal, plus 11 minutes per week focused on nail care, the source says.

While this news is sure to provide more fodder for "slow" blonde jokes, Goody representatives have their own reasoning behind the time gap.

"Traditionally, blondes have to work a little harder than brunettes to achieve the same standard of shine, as fair hair doesn't reflect light to the same extent," Rose-Marie Jarvis told The Telegraph.

"Interestingly, we found that often it's the time spent on getting ready that gives women a confidence boost -- which would explain why blondes are thought to have more fun.

That might just be true. The survey also found that blondes go out with pals three times a month (that's it?!?), while brunettes managed only two nights a month, the paper states..

Brunettes were also found to be more low-maintenance, beauty-wise, with eight out of 10 girls reportedly claiming in the survey that they'd be fine going out au naturel, sans makeup and done-up hair.

Guess that's why they call it blonde ambition?

What say you, brunettes? Do you buy that a (faux) blonde like Lindsay Lohan spends more time getting ready than you do? Leave a comment below.

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