Model Brooklyn Decker and pup at ASPCA event. Photo: Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

Being in fashion, Brooklyn Decker is used to working with bitches.

But now the Sports Illustrated stunner -- aka Mrs. Andy Roddick -- will soon be reporting to work at the New York ASPCA shelter, where she will be volunteering, she says, to do things like "change poopy sheets."

Oh, the glamorous life of a model!

Decker (flanked by top fashion models Estonian Tiiu Kuik and Floridian Michelle Bushwell) was at the ASPCA Young Friends Benefit in New York, where she told StyleList: "I have four animals -- dogs, plus two cats."

And does one of those animals include her husband?

"Sometimes," she said, then quickly added: "no!"

Her family menagerie includes a bulldog puppy called Billie Jean (as in King), a name selected by Mr Roddick himself.

"All of my dogs have B-names, so we wanted to giver her a B-name and Billie Jean is an idol of my husband, so we decided to call her that," she said.

Decker will be volunteering at the ASPCA's New York shelter -- which rescues 3,000 animals a year -- as part of her ongoing work with the organization.

"They have workers at the shelter every day who are volunteering doing things like changing the poopy sheets and feeding the animals and caring for them," she said of her duties.

"Anyone who wants to help can go to and see what the organization does."

(And no, you don't have to change poopy sheets to get involved.)

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