Fish Pedicure. Photo: Getty Images/Flickr RF

Go fish?


Fish pedicures -- in which doctor fish (otherwise known as Garra rufa), a type of toothless carp, suck dead skin off the client's feet -- may soon be getting the boot in New York State, as State Senator Jeffrey Klein has drafted a new bill banning the treatment, the New York Post reports.

Should the legislation pass, New York would become the 15th state -- including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania -- to forbid the unconventional beauty practice, which was introduced to the States last year, according to the paper.

"Sometimes, people might think that something sounds cool, 'It's trendy. Let me try it,'" Klein, a Democrat from the Bronx, told the paper.

"They should know the ramifications. This is something that is dangerous and clearly unsanitary. Once we shed some light on this dirty little process, more people will avoid it and we can ban it."

Besides the obvious deterrent of sticking your feet in a tub full of fish, health and safety concerns have cast doubt on the piscine pedi treatment -- namely, that the fish could spread infections from person to person via open wounds, health officials told the Post.

The Department of State, which regulates beauty salons, has also expressed interest in investigating the fishy fad, spokesman Joel Barkin told the paper, saying, "This is something that for a whole number of reasons we would be concerned about. This may already be something that's not allowed under a current law."

We love a good beauty craze, but we draw the line at letting Nemo gnaw on our bunions. And besides -- if we wanted something slimy to nibble on our toes, we'd call our ex-boyfriends.

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