Alexandra Horvath's oversized fake breasts cause her to take a terrible tumble at the Miss Plastic pageant. Photos: EuroPics[CEN]

Oh, you really just can't make up this stuff.

Like for instance, the Miss Plastic beauty contest, a Hungarian pageant open only to women who have had breast implants and facelifts.

Wait, it gets better.

A contestant at said pageant, 23-year-old Alexandra Horvath, had her dreams of becoming Miss Plastic momentariily squashed (or, in this case, should we say squished?) when her oversized breast implants caused her to lose her balance, teeter on her heels and tear her ligament, as reported by London's Metro paper.

But, in a surprising twist, Horvath, who had been deemed unable to compete due to her injury, recovered in time to become second runner-up, taking home diamond jewelry worth about $10,000, The Huffington Post reports. Talk about a Cinderella story.

Winners of the 2009 Miss Plastic pageant in Hungary, queen Reka Urban (center), first runner-up Edina Kulcsar (right) and second runner-up Alexandra Horvath (left). Photo: Bela Szandelszky, AP

The accident was an unfortunate obstacle for Horvath, who had reportedly just earned high praise for her scar-free silicon ta-tas during the pageant's breast examination portion (honestly!). Little did she know that those very boobs would soon become her own worst enemy.

"She had not got used to the extra weight on top and her new hair extensions got in her eyes," an onlooker told the paper. "She just lost her balance and tore a ligament in her foot badly."

It's not the only SNAFU to strike Horvath during the pageant. Prior to her tumble, Horvath told The Sun that "I'm suing my hair supplier because what they supplied caught fire while it was being dyed -- luckily before it had been fitted to my head."

Sheesh. Either this girl is the most accident-prone person on the planet, or she's a PR genius who's figured out how to make headlines.

One thing she's not? Miss Plastic. That distinction went to Reka Urban, with special gongs reportedly awarded to the plastic surgeons. Still, third place ain't bad, given all these obstacles.

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