Gucci launches new Eyeweb.

Gucci has all eyes on you with new social media site. Photo: Gucci

In the latest round of luxury meets Web, Gucci launched a new microsite today called Gucci Eyeweb.

A late bloomer in the social media arena, the high-end brand is adding a fun twist with its new venture.

Eyeweb will debut Gucci's newest eyewear collection, as well as an online tool for users to share their party photos and comments.

With sections for New York, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin and London, the uploaded photos are shown reflecting in the lenses of a pair of revolving sunglasses.

Designer Frida Giannini explains, "I designed these sunglasses and the accompanying social networking site with today's digital generation in mind." (Job well done!)

Gucci isn't the only luxury house to tap into online social media. This French luxury house did too.