Another distorted ad surfaces. Is Ralph Lauren responsible?

And the Ralph Lauren Photoshop drama continues!

As we previously reported, the blog Photoshop Disasters uncovered a Ralph Lauren advertisement in a Japanese mall featuring longtime RL model Filippa Hamilton-Palmstierna with a body so grotesquely Photoshopped that her head appeared bigger than her pelvis.

After threatening Photoshop Disasters (and blog BoingBoing, which reprinted the image) with legal action, the executives at Ralph Lauren took responsibility for the picture.

The company went on to tell The Today Show -- which invited size 4 Hamilton-Palmstierna to share her story about allegedly being fired from modeling for Ralph Lauren due to not fitting into the clothes -- that the Photoshop mistake only appeared in one department store in Japan.

However, it could be that this was not an isolated incident. Photoshop Disasters has now come out with another supposed Ralph Lauren ad featuring a grossly whittled down model (above) -- it was reportedly found in a Sydney, Australia window display. This photo shows longtime Ralph Lauren muse, Valentina Zelyaeva.

In the new ad, Zelyaeva is shown in an all-grey ensemble, with her head, shoulders and hands seemingly normal, but her torso, hips and legs slimmed to impossible -- and pretty unattractive -- proportions.

With these two images popping up in far flung corners of the globe, we'd hate (but obviously, sort of love) to see what else is floating around out there. And only time will tell who's behind this photo's overly Photoshopped model.

So, while we're left scratching our heads as to why two already beautiful and slim women would be turned into weird cartoon-like characters (seriously, we're getting big-headed Steve Madden ad flashbacks), we want to know what you think.

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