Meghan McCain's provocative TwitPic, described as her "spontaneous" night in. Photo: Twitter

Almost first daughter, Meghan McCain, threatened to stop sharing her private moments on Twitter after a picture she posted of herself in a cleavage-revealing scoop neck top had conservative followers calling her a slut!

The 24-year-old Daily Beast blogger and moderate Republican, who sports a tattoo and is not afraid to share her opinions or evidently, her downtime attire, let her ire rip after an innocent enough tweet about her evening plans stirred up some heat with followers. "I can't even tell you how hurt I am," McCain tweeted.

The tweetroversy started as McCain was planning on spending the night reading an Andy Warhol biography and ordering take-out (according to her Tweets).

Perhaps her political judgment was having some downtime too when she posted a photo of herself wearing a casual tank revealed much of what lies beneath (read: her breasts!). Probably not the shrewdest idea when you've got 60,000 followers in red and blue states.

McCain quickly summoned all that political savvy she picked up on the presidential campaign trail with dad, Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain. She threatened to close her Twitter account writing, "What was fun now seems like a vessel for harassment."

And she defended her attire. "When I am alone in my apartment I wear tank tops and sweat pants. I had no idea that makes me a slut." It doesn't, but maybe when we Tweet to such a wide audience we need to analyze our base more carefully!

Still, her swift, firm response deserves a cheer from both sides of the political aisle. And she doesn't just stick up for herself. Her Daily Beast column this week defended Jessica Simpson after a cruel parody of her weight on Fox NFL Sunday. "Stop the cheap shots," she wrote.

By day's end, McCain was thanking supporters for their words of encouragement and offering to "sleep on" her decision to quit Twitter.