Designer Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren might appreciate graphic design skills with all the controversy surrounding his brand's Photoshopped ad. Photo: Fernanda Calfat, Getty Images for IMG

Today is National Boss Day!

We're sure you've scored major brownie points by leaving a stylish greeting card on your employer's desk. But if that didn't earn you a comp day, maybe you should consider working for one of the following:

  • Anna Wintour - Even if you haven't updated your wardrobe with any chic fall pieces, don't fret. The Vogue editrix is no stranger to outfit repeats herself.
  • Ralph Lauren - Photoshop skills? You're golden. (Have you seen the controversial ad?) Plus, you can bust out all of your Michelle Obama-inspired belts -- this company clearly likes a defined waist.
  • Garth Brooks - Black jeans probably not optional, but with news that the country superstar is coming out of retirement, you could follow suit and stop working temporarily, too. Next thing you know, you'll be bikini-clad somewhere in The Bahamas.
  • Karl Lagerfeld - Warning! "Fat mummies" who down greasy potato chips while watching soap operas need not apply. (That's from the Kaiser himself.) Though, you'd probably get a discount on the Chanel Cocoon bag and be able to listen to music, well, if it's Lily Allen.
  • Meghan McCain - Her dad may be on the conservative side, but this political wild child is not likely to enforce any kind of dress code. So, stock up on the cleavage-baring tanks.
Leave a comment on who you think would be the most stylish boss and click here for a crash course on office chic!