Shirin Askari will not be doing an encore. Photo:

Sequins and fur were flying in the "Project Runway" challenge on Episode 9.

The contestants met up with superstar designer Bob Mackie to learn that they would be creating a "wow" stage outfit for pop star Christina Aguilera.

"We walk in and standing in front of us is the legend himself. This is by far the best Project Runway moment ever," exulted Nicolas Putvinski, who couldn't stop grinning and giggling at the prospect of meeting Mackie and designing for Aguilera.

"I don't think Project Runway has ever had two such huge stars together," he added.

The pressure was on, as there was no more immunity from this challenge on, and even though the designers had $300 to spend at Mood Fabrics and two days to create the look, not all of the crew was down with the challenge.

Gordana Gelhausen
, who won last week's challenge, had an immediate workroom meltdown, as beads flew off her fabric with each cut. She finally just walked away, then came back with the conclusion: "I just decided to toss it and start all over."

The smug Irina Shabayeva was coldly ripping on everyone, but particularly Shirin Askari. "I just don't know why Shirina is still here. Her design sensibility is very bargain basement," she said bluntly. Hey, Irina, tell us what you really think.

But Putvinski can have an equally barbed tongue and had choice words for Shabayeva: "Irina is actually a really good designer. Her only problem is that she's a bitch."

It was difficult to know what would play well with the judges, especially after Tim Gunn's tornado-like blast through the workroom, where he tossed off bon mots like: "You're both thinking she comes out in a pumpkin and then pops out" and "This is 1999 in the costume department."

In fact, he didn't have really have anything good to say, except about Carol Hannah Whitfield's black strapless gown loaded with feathers. "I think you have a major wow factor here."

Turns out the judges felt the same way, and Whitfield pulled out of the middle and took the win.

While Aguilera was exceedingly kind to the designers. "You get a big E for effort," she said sweetly to bottom rung repeat Christopher Straub, the other judges had less kind words about Straub's bad Lady Marmalade redux, "This was tasteless," said Nina Garcia. "I wouldn't put that on a chorus girl, let alone a star," Mackie chimed in.

But it was Askari who took the bullets for her scary black prom-worthy dress. "It looks like a Halloween witch costume. We are bored," Heidi Klum said after telling Gelhausen that she was lucky she had immunity.

And with that, even if Straub was really the one who had it coming, Askari was out.

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