Suzanne Somers back in the "Three's Company" days (left); and now, still looking amazingly hot (right). Photo: Everett Collection | Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Come and knock on our door... Today is Suzanne Somers' birthday and she's 63?!?

Yep -- the golden girl, is well, a "Golden Girl" now, but that doesn't mean the "Three's Company" star is tooting along the assisted living center in a mobility scooter while wearing one of Mrs. Roper's old caftans.

In fact, Suzanne Somers -- who spent much of the late '70s/early '80s in character Chrissy Snow's booty shorts and pigtails -- doesn't seem to have lost her killer physique judging by this recent pic that would have Ralph Furley flustered in no time.

Take that, AARP!

Guess all that time Suzanne Somers spent squeezing the ThighMaster really paid off. (Operators are standing by!)

We might just have to dig our little red contraptions out of storage. Or we could just go to ShopNBC, where you can buy everything a gal needs to replicate the Suzanne Somers lifestyle.

Suzanne Somers poncho and FaceMaster, anyone?

It's been quite a week for TV's most famous blondes. Watch Pamela Anderson relive a "Baywatch" moment.