Fashion rewind: Watch the many styles of Sarah Jessica Parker bump and grind around a rocking out Lenny Kravitz in Gap's 2004 "How Do You Wear It?" commercial.

Gap has created some very creative, iconic and, more than anything, catchy commercials in its day.

Who can forget the swing dancing, khaki-clad hipsters featured in 1998's innovative stop-action filmed "Swing" TV ad?

Or the cooler-than-cool models cruising around town on bicycles in stretch jeans and cords to Earth Wind & Fire's song "September?"

Even better, the forever seared-in-our-memories song and dance routine Claire Danes and Patrick Wilson did to "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," in the spring of 2007?

Don't know who was more uncomfortable -- the two of them doing an awkward dance over a pair of khakis, which end up peeling off like a Chippendale dancer's, or us, having to deal with bleeding eardrums.

Not having advertised on television since the aforementioned disaster, the company just announced its scheduled return to the commercial medium -- this November-December's holiday season.

Under the design direction of Patrick Robinson, the retailer has been revamping its offerings for the past few seasons, and now, this move is seen as a vote of confidence for the brand.

The company declined to release any information on the creative direction of the upcoming commercials.

We only hope Gap's ads are as amusing as sister company Old Navy's "Supermodelquins" campaign.

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