Cheek Augmentation? There's an app for that! Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Shafer

Don't get too excited.

This new iPhone app created by NYC-based, Mayo Clinic-trained Dr. David Shafer, will not let you download a new nose.

However, it will help you sort through all the facts-and fiction-about getting plastic surgery.

Being touted as the world's first plastic surgery iPhone Application, Dr. Shafer Plastic Surgery FAQs answers over 1000 questions covering invasive and non-invasive plastic surgery procedures and treatments.

Burning questions are illuminated, like: Are silicone implants safe? And the answer is-yes: The moratorium was lifted against them after no studies could prove them unhealthy. Good to know.

You can also choose thumbs up or thumbs down after you read the answer to let others know if you found the information helpful.

Dr Shafer decided to create this app because "today's plastic surgery patients do not come into the office uninformed. Many have researched the procedures they want on the Internet before even seeing a plastic surgeon."

The iPhone app gives the patient the opportunity to research their procedures and have access to the most up-to-date information directly from a plastic surgeon.

The iPhone App is fun and interactive: If there is a question that is not available, the app gives the patient the opportunity to ask and be that much more informed before undergoing a procedure or going in for a consultation." Y

ou can try it for free with the LITE version, which will give you a sampling of FAQs to check out. However, if you're serious about getting a procedure, you may want to fork over the $2.99, which gives you access to all the updated questions and answers as well as letting you direct personal questions to Dr. Shafer.

We at StyleList have so much faith in the good doctor, we did a Q&A with him earlier in the year about how to best approach plastic surgery.