Miranda Kerr looked very thin at an exclusive fashion shoot with Grazia Magazine at the Museum of Contemporary Art in The Rocks in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Flynet Pictures

Miranda Kerr may be a lot of things -- Victoria's Secret model, Kora skincare creator, girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, drop-dead gorgeous -- but skinny isn't one of them.

At least, according to her.

After slender shots from her photoshoot with Grazia Australia sparked an outcry that the model was looking a little, well, malnourished last week, Kerr told the magazine that it was simply her positioning that made her seem underweight.

"The exaggerated poses for the shoot have made me appear thinner than normal from behind, but I am the same weight and measurements I have maintained for more than three years," Kerr told Grazia Australia.

The photos of Kerr taken by photographer Georges Antoni prompted speculation that the Australian model had shed her famous curves in order to fit in the clothes she modeled in Balenciaga's recent runway show, reports the Daily Mail, which last week called her "shockingly thin," "bony," and "gaunt."

Miranda looking bonier than usual. Photo: Flynet Pictures

Not so, says Kerr, who reportedly has a book on health and nutrition out later this year. She told Grazia Australia that she takes matters of body image seriously.

"I am conscious of not only maintaining but promoting a healthy lifestyle and I wouldn't be able to sustain the hectic nature of my modeling commitments if I wasn't 100 percent committed to feeding my body the food, vitamins and minerals it needs," the model told the fashion magazine.

"As women, we can't compare ourselves because we're each beautiful in our own unique way. And that's what I'm passionate about trying to encourage young women to embrace themselves especially because I am in the fashion world and I really don't want girls to think they have to look like me.

"I want them to nurture themselves and really be the best they can be."

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