Fangtastic: Lady Gaga channels Jessica from True Blood. Photo: Flynet Pictures

Vampires are having a major moment.

From "Twilight" to "True Blood" to the new CW series "The Vampire Diaries", what started off strictly as an Edward Cullen love-fest for teenage girls (and their book-borrowing mothers) has gone main stream.

Now, you can look the part.

For the most serious Vamps, that means fangs. First Lady Gaga was spotted with pointy canines in August. Then, Megan Fox grew fangs in Jennifer's Body. And some serious vampire fans are even getting fang implants (but don't worry, they're not strong enough to pierce skin).

If you prefer a more "goth light" look - something even virginal Sookie Stackhouse would embrace - try black lips and tips.

This fall, M.A.C. and Chanel have taken black makeup - a major fall runway trend - to the beauty counters, with products that run the goth gamut from full fledged black lips to sparkly gray gloss.

And dark nails have become so mainstream that black nail polish is now considered a classic, work appropriate look.

How does your look stack up?

Have you shapeshifted your style to full fledged Dracula, or do you think this trend, well, bites? Tell us in the poll!