Bethenny Frankel still expected to deliver "Real Housewives" spin-off. Photo: Jason Kempin, Getty Images for IMG

Our thoughts are pregnant with storyline possibilities after Bravo confirmed to StyleList that the network plans to go forward with a "The Real Housewives of New York City" reality spin-off starring newly engaged and expectant Bethenny Frankel.

We can just see it now! The baby shower: A punch bowl of Skinnygirl Margaritas (virgin, of course) is flung across Jill Zaran's overly upholstered living room by one of Alex and Simon's French speaking offspring.

Countess Luann steps in with etiquette lessons, while an unamused Ramona storms out. Frankel, meanwhile, cracks open a jar of pickles and bursts into tears, much to Kelly's delight. "Cut!"

We reported yesterday that Frankel, 38, confirmed to People that she is about two months pregnant with fiancé Jason Hoppy's child.

"Naturally Thin" Frankel complained that the announcement was so premature, "we haven't heard a heartbeat." Likely in reference to the initial report by PerezHilton, which "forced" the star to come clean.

For someone who claimed to be craving privacy and pickles, Frankel stayed in housewife character and dished. She told the magazine she and Hoppy had sometimes been careless with birth control because of her advanced maternal age and their impending wedding plans.

Bravo was not nearly as open as its breakout star.

"Our plans have not changed, the series is still in development," said a Bravo spokeswoman.

Could a shotgun wedding to Hoppy be the premiere episode? Will the other housewives be bridesmaids?

We'll wave to wait and see, as the network released few details on the Frankel project when it announced plans to develop a series revolving around the relationship-challenged single girl earlier this month. (There goes that plan!)

The network was also content to stay mum on whether the pregnancy or wedding would be incorporated in its plans. "We don't comment on the personal lives of our talent and have no details to confirm beyond what was announced," the spokeswoman added.

You can bet StyleList will be keeping an eye on Frankel's baby bump.