The Blonde-o-Sphere: Courtny Love, Taylor Momsen and Debbie Harry are "Guitar-Smashing Blondes." Photo: Courtesy of Refinery29

Another day, another blonde celebrity.

This fall, brunettes have been biting the dust like mad, trading their darker locks for a "funner," lighter hue.

But Refinery 29 brings up a great point: If Kim Kardashian's hair counts as blonde, is Raquel Zimmerman's considered radioactive white? And what about Taylor Momsen, Ashley Tisdale, and LiLo? (if you can see past her alleged plastic surgery, that is)

The edgy style site has created a handy Blonde-O-Sphere graphic to help us figure it all out. It chronicles the different types of blondes - from avant-blondes, to secret blondes-in-hiding (suicidal blondes?) to a whole new category of blonde, called "bronde." (that would be you Alexa Chung!).

Check out the Blonde-O-Sphere, and tell us how you prefer your blonde.