Looks from Eileen Fisher's holiday/resort collection. Photos courtesy of Eileen Fisher

A long-time fave of the over-50 set, fashion designer Eileen Fisher is now angling for a hipper clientele -- but if she manages to hook the cool kids, will she lose her loyal fans?

Fisher is going after a younger, more fashion-forward crowd with its latest collection and ad campaign, as reported by The New York Times.

"She has subtly tweaked its offerings, highlighting skinny tank tops, leggings and jeans and trimmed-down cardigans... Her advertisements now feature models who glower as convincingly as any on the runways," the story reports.

"Gone, for the moment, are the silver-haired models smiling serenely into the distance."

Bad decision, cries Geri Brin, founder of the soon-to-be-launched site faboverfifty.

"Despite the size and affluence of this 'silver-haired' group, many fashion and cosmetic companies continue to chase the younger market," Brin wrote on her blog.

"They don't think it's cool to pursue women over 50. They'd all be wise to put their thinking caps back on and figure out how to capture our attention -- not to mention our discretionary income."

And she's talking to you, Eileen Fisher.

"Send your branding agency back into outer space," Brin advises. "Older women can and do wear hip clothes."

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