She's still got it! Cindy Crawford at 43. Photo: Dave M. Bennett, Getty.

Even supermodels are insecure.

Cindy Crawford, the model who ruled the catwalk in the 1990s, says she quit the runway because she didn't want to be compared to all the young beauties with whom she'd be walking.

"I don't want to stand next to a 20-year-old on the runway, even if people say you can still do it. It is like, 'Why would I do that to myself?' It would just make me depressed," she told Britain's Hello! magazine.

However, Crawford, 43, told the magazine she is more accepting of her body as she gets older. (You can see why, right.)

"I'm more comfortable with myself in the sense that hey, this is who I am now," she says.

"I guess I appreciate my body for other things -- like I was able to give birth to two kids. ... But at the same time, I am aware my body doesn't look the same way it did when I was 23. I actually don't want to feel that pressure."

Crawford is still very much in demand when it comes to ad campaigns (both print and television). In addition to being the face of Omega watches, she has her own home collections, Cindy Crawford Home and Cindy Crawford Style (with JCPenney), and skincare line Meaningful Beauty.

She's also continues to appear in editorial spreads for magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Allure.

Though, she admits to being uncertain of how long these gigs will last, according to the magazine.

"At a certain point, they're going to stop asking me to take my clothes off," she tells Hello! "Lying in a baby pool filled with shaving cream is much funnier at 43. Like, 'Oh my god, I can't believe I'm still doing this!' You have to have a sense of humor about it at this point."

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