American Apparel (left) collaborating with Sesame Street gang (right)? Not according to the children's show (and we're not talking about AA!). Photos:| Everett Collection

"S" is for Spandex, if it were up to Dov Charney, founder and CEO of American Apparel, that is.

The proud-to-be-provocative brand recently announced that it was collaborating with Sesame Street, the educational organization known for its wholesome puppets. But according to CocoPerez, this alliance is pure fantasy.

In response to the controversial clothing company's claims, the site quotes a Sesame Street source as saying:

"As you may know, we are a nonprofit education organization that produces Sesame Street and we license to manufacturing companies the rights to make products using our characters. In this case, our licensee is a manufacturing company called Mighty Fine and they manufacture a line of Sesame Street shirts, which are sold at American Apparel stores. We do not have a direct relationship with American Apparel and we did not approve the press release that was issued by American Apparel."

In preschool speak, this means that the partnership is about as real as Snuffleupagus.

As far as we're concerned, this is a good thing -- Big Bird just isn't the unitard type.

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