Did designers have the styling of the '70s cult classic, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on the brain when creating their collections? High fashion houses like Prada, Balmain Givenchy and Dior have all sent the film's boudoir-biker hybrid pieces down the runway. Judge for yourself.
[NY Post]

The next Kate Moss for Topshop collection will be a bit more pricey. The supermodel is busy creating her fourth line for the fast fashion retailer and this time around it will be smaller, more expensive and exclusive. Moss says, "They [customers] buy them because they know that I have an input, and that I really know about fashion, about fit. I've had 20 years. Twenty years of clothes on my back."

The plastic and fantastic Barbie is the "it" muse of designers and fashion these days, and now our favorite childhood fashionista will be reincarnated as some very famous eighties musical divas. Doll versions of Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry and Joan Jett will be rockin' their way onto shelves in December. Look out, Barbie and The Rockers, you have some tough competition!