Suri Cruise in heels

Suri Cruise's T-strap heels -- too cute or too much? Photo: INF

When we first spotted Suri Cruise wearing sparkly silver high heels while strolling around Boston back in September, we figured the adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was probably just emulating her fashion plate mom or simply playing dress-up.

But, now, it's starting to look like shoes with height are a staple in Suri's wardrobe, and even her footwear of choice. She wore the silver pair again on Oct. 11, and, today, she was seen sporting a pair of glitzy gold T-strap heels.

And, so, the debate rages: Is it appropriate for a 3-year-old to wear high heels? According to StyleList poll results, 42 percent say yes, it's dress-up, while 30 percent feel that 3 is too young, and 28 percent think it's fine, but not in public.

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