j.crew spring 2010

The room view at J.Crew's Spring 2010 Collection. Photo courtesy of J.Crew

: Jenna Lyons for J. Crew

David Hockney's use of washed out colors combined with shots of hot brights. Borrowing slouchy pieces from a boyfriend's closet. "There's just a sense of happiness and optimism. We're feeling we want things to be happier," Lyons told StyleList.

TOP LOOKS: Bands of a floral print alternated with bands of a sandy colored fabric in one great, linear looking dress. Ruffled floral skirts paired with camouflage jackets, sequins and denim and lots of layers of bling.

ACCESSORIES: Skinny belts, men's belts and loads and loads of chunky jewelry. "Bling has become par for the course for us," Lyons shared. "At J. Crew, there really is a casual bent to what we do. Sequins and necklaces are an easy way to change just about anything. It's an easy way to give yourself a little glamour."

WHO WAS THERE: Editors from all the women's magazines.

j.crew spring 2010

Two looks from J.Crew's Spring 2010 Collection. Photo: J.Crew

WHAT WE THOUGHT: This was a very pretty collection. There was lots of mixing going on in this presentation, which gave a whimsical, anything goes feel to the line, especially with the models crazy, messy hair and rosy cheeks. On closer inspection, the outfits were carefully constructed to pair casual with dressy and feminine looks with menswear-influenced pieces.

"Our goal is to give people a sense of freedom with their clothes," Lyons explained. "If you have a sequin skirt, or a fancy bag or a pair of really high heels you don't need to hold it for a special occasion. I'm a firm believer in sequins by day and jeans by night. We're trying to find ways to make people feel comfortable and mix it up."

We're getting excited about the hints of a new silhouette we saw in this collection -- tops getting a little slouchy, influenced by the boyfriend look, and bottoms getting skinny to balance out the proportion.