A Halloween do! The "Eight is Too Much Kate Gosselin Wig". Photo: Amazon.com

We've seen some scary Halloween costumes, but nothing sends chills up our spines quite like a bad haircut.

And when it comes to hair-raising hair, nobody does it better than mother of eight Kate Gosselin and her soccer-mom-bob-meets-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-meets-"Edward-Scissorhands" 'do.

So it comes as no surprise that the hairstyle is a hot commodity this Halloween season thanks to the Kate Gosselin "Eight is Too Much" wig, which is -- God help us -- flying off shelves right now. (Psst: the wigs are still in stock here.)

That's right, kids. You too can be the proud (ahem) owner of your very own business-in-the-front-turkey-feathers-in-the-back 'do, which is the perfect complement to your big black sunglasses, pink T-shirt, black yoga pants and posse of eight adorable children and one not-so-adorable estranged hubby in an Ed Hardy tee.

Oh, and don't forget the camera crew! (Or juice boxes.)

Just remember to pencil in a date with the garbage disposal on November 1.

Because, unlike with vampires, it's going to take more than a stake through the heart to kill this hairy beast.

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