Naomi Campbell speaks out about racism in fashion. Photo: Eugene Gologursky, WireImage

Two months ago, Naomi Campbell fumed about black and ethnic models getting less work during the recession, and on Saturday night, while receiving the Fashion Icon award at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Front Row charity event, Campbell continued to voice her opinion about the issue, reports WWD.

"Nelson Mandela always told me to speak my mind and the consequences will take care of themselves," said Campbell, who did just that, calling the lack of black models in the industry an "injustice."

Campbell went on to say that while she considers herself fortunate to have worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years, progress still needs to be made, according to the paper:

"There is a small group of people whose minds we have to change because we are living in a multicultural society."
Perhaps Campbell was again called to action after seeing white model Lara Stone in blackface for a controversial fashion spread in the October issue of French Vogue (which sparked some debate among StyleList readers).

The Front Row event was created to honor black and Latino fashion professionals and the 2009 honorees included makeup artist Sam Fine, Oprah's hairstylist Andre Walker and the Fashion Institute of Technology's president, Dr. Joyce F. Brown.

While Campbell took home the Fashion Icon award, the Avant-Garde award was given to the late Michael Jackson, and accepted by his brother Marlon Jackson.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with Naomi Campbell's accusation? Is she right to continue to speak out about it? Or is she bitter because maybe she personally has less work (despite current ad campaigns and recent runway appearances)?

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