Photo Courtesy of Velashape

Looking for a cellulite treatment? Want a quick fix to reduce fat? If you've got a few weeks, a few dollars, and reasonable expectations, Velashape might work for you.

Velashape is a medical device that applies suction and heat to skin, which breaks down fat cells. The results aren't dramatic, but you will eventually notice a smoother, less lumpy appearance to skin.

Another added beauty bonus? It can help with stretch marks, as the heat has a positive effect on skin's collagen.

"Collagen is shaped like a slinky, and the heat makes it uncoil, and then coil back up tighter," says NYC dermatologist Lori Brightman, MD.

"I wish I could tell you some of the celebrities I've done!" she smirks.

A-listers may be tight-lipped about Velashape, but reality stars like Kim Kardashian and Kim Zolciak of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" both received the treatment on their shows.

OC Housewife Gretchen Rossi and New York City Housewife Ramona Singer are also fans.

So what does it feel like? Much of the 20-40 minute treatment simply feels like a warm suction along the area being treated.

However, since the best results are achieved when fat cells are significantly heated (heat tricks fat cells into using up stored energy, which makes them shrink in size, explains Brightman), there are moments where the sensation switches from a tolerable suction to an unpleasant burning.

All in the name of beauty, right?