Devie Ramazhana, a 2005 Miss Indonesia finalist from the Aceh Province. Photo: Bay Ismoyo, AFP/Getty Images

Time to put those hot pants and skinny jeans back in the closet -- if you live in Indonesia, that is.

The predominantly Muslim country's Aceh province, which follows the Islamic sharia as its legal code, has announced plans to crack down on women wearing tight pants, reports Reuters.

West Aceh regent Ramli Mansyur told the news agency this week that new laws will demand that women wear Muslim dress, at the risk of having their inappropriate trousers destroyed.

"Trousers are allowed, as long as the woman also wears a long skirt down to her ankles," Mansyur told Reuters. "The fashion has become too open, and it embarrasses me."

Officials will also be taking action against tucking in the new regulations, which reportedly could go into effect in December.
"If a woman wears pants and tucks her top in, that's wrong," Nur Djuned, head of the sharia department, told sources.

"Even if she is wearing a headscarf, her dress can still show her body shape, and that is not perfect Muslim dress."

Though women's wardrobe options will take a hit, their wallets won't. Reuters reports that Mansyur has ordered 7,000 skirts for women who can't afford to purchase approved clothing.

The tight pants ban is just the latest in a string of dress code clampdowns in Muslim countries, including a recent Iranian ban on curvy mannequins and Malaysian protests against Beyonce's provocative concert outfits.

So what do you think? Are these rules reasonable, or do you think the government should keep out of women's closets? Leave a comment!

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