Dark Beauty: Gothic influence at Rodarte's Spring 2010 fashion show. Photo: Getty Images

So you may not bleed black.

But goth - or grown up goth - is a fall trend you want to dabble in.

The good news is that goth has grown up: Black nail polish, sun-deprived skin and blood-red lipstick are no longer reserved for moody teenagers and Hot Topic employees.

As we've seen on runways, celebrities and even (shock!) conservative politicians, the dark side of beauty is out in full force.

We chatted with celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles about how you can go goth without looking like Marilyn Manson gave you a makeover.

When it comes to dark makeup for the eyes, lips and nails, Stiles says, "You still have to feel pretty or else it will just be scary."

Here's how to do just that!