Elen Rives gets "cat-ty." Photo: Splash News

Does anyone know if PETA has a branch devoted to the protection of cuddly stuffed animals?

Because we'd like to tip them off to the red card-worthy fashion exploits of one Ms. Elen Rives, former WAG (that's wife and girlfriend, FYI) of British footballer Frank Lampard.

Demonstrating a boldness rarely seen outside of Lady Gaga's wardrobe, Rives hit up an event honoring Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary in London wearing a winter coat wallpapered from neck to knee with Hello Kitty dolls.

So what gives? Did Rives hold up a Sanrio store?

Or did she just figure that wearing a bizarre, over-the-(fe)line ensemble would earn her some international exposure?

Well played, Rives... but we'll be keeping a close eye the next time you step foot near a Toys 'R' Us.

Elen Rives isn't the only one with a fondness for draping herself in adorable cartoon animals. Check out Lady Gaga's kooky Kermit coat.