David Banda sunglasses

David Banda carries a murse while visiting an orphanage outside Malawi. Photo: Fame Pictures

Looks like Lourdes Leon isn't the only child with with fierce fashion moves in the Madonna household.

Accompanying his adoptive mother on a trip to Malawi, his birthplace, four-year-old David Banda flaunted his cheeky and chic side with a cool cartoon tee, Dior sunglasses (swiped from Madge, perhaps?) and a woven man (er, boy) purse.

(We're hoping we won't have to coin a new fashion term, "burse!")

The little fashion plate -- who's apparently been taking style notes from his Material Girl mom-- gave the paps a show to remember by sticking out his tongue and vogue-ing for the camera.

Watch your back, Cruz Beckham. You've got competition!

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