Logan Neitzel

Logan Neitzel. Photo: MyLifetime.com

"Six left," were the opening words of "Project Runway" Episode 11.

And as the numbers thin, the contestants have taken off the kid gloves, and become openly critical of each other -- tension runs high in the workroom.

But Irina Shabayeva, as always, says it most succinctly, "I just think there are a few people who are still here that should have gone home already."

"Irina has the nickname 'Meana Irina,' for a reason," Logan Neitzel quips. But truth be told, everyone has turned pretty nasty.

Neitzel is dissing Christopher Straub. Althea Harper says that Neitzel is copying one of her designs and Shabayeva is saying that Harper is copying her. Even peppy Carol Hannah Whitfield is getting a little bit fretful.

The challenge began with the contestants sitting with their backs to the runway. When they turned around, Heidi Klum was standing there among the designers' best looks.

They were each charged with creating a companion piece to complement and enhance a past design. Time and money was tighter this time around, with only $100 and one day to outdo their best work.

When Tim Gunn does his workroom cruise-through, he provides a little of the hands-on mentoring that makes him such a star.

While Gunn agrees that Whitfield's little black dress is a "scary mess," he makes a quick suggestion and suddenly she has a chic frock.

Out on the runway, guest judges include former "Project Runway" contestant Nick Varreos and actress Kerry Washington.

Whitfield, Harper and Shabayeva shine, while Neitzel, Straub and Gordana Gehlhausen earn the wrath of the judges. "Sad and drab," Klum said of Gehlhausen's (once again) gray jacket.

Straub's black-and-white ruffled evening gown was described as a "bedspread." And Neitzel's tricked-out Judy Jetson garment "looked like a bunch of zippers exploded on it."

The losers were narrowed down to Neitzel and Gehlhausen. Neitzel -- no big shocker -- went home. What was shocking was that he was so shocked.

Harper took the win with a comfy sweater coat draped over black cropped pants. But not before it got a little ugly with Irina, who openly claimed it a knockoff of her own work. (She did have a point.)

Still Harper's looks were a big hit with the judges: "We all wanted to walk away with the outfit, but it's mine!," Klum declared. Harper was delighted, but she also fought back: "It's not a matter of stress; it's a matter of character," she said about Shabayeva.

Can it get any uglier? Find out next week with the last challenge.

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