Photo: Kevin Mazur, WireImage

We finally got to sniff Reese Witherspoon's "In Bloom" fragrance from Avon, (which launches next week, by the way), and we're loving the soft floral scent.

For those who wonder just how involved the busy mom and actress was in the development process, sweet Southern Reese (wearing a gorgeous L'Wren Scott dress, shown here) explains how the process has been a long time coming:

"My mother always wore gardenia perfume, so I've always been attracted to white flowers," Reese said.

"A large part of my childhood [in Tennessee] was spent in my front yard in a gigantic magnolia tree. So I knew it had to have magnolia blossom in it."

Aside from those two feminine notes, Reese explains, "We mixed it with peach tea lives, and it created something a little bit softer but still very sophisticated."

The best part? The soft, girly eau de parfum retails for just $34.

"Avon is incredibly responsible with the prices on their products, and they have great quality products," Reese told StyleList. "Its a way of having luxury items that people can really afford. It's nice to be part of a company that bears that in mind."

So does that mean Reese's friends and family can expect to receive a bottle for the holidays this year?

"Everyone I know really wants it, " she laughed. "Maybe they're just being nice!"