Barbie with her Judith Leiber-designed ACE icon award ("purse"). Photo courtesy of Mattel

She's always been a fashion icon in our eyes, and now Barbie's got the award to prove it!

At last night's Accessories Council 13th Annual ACE Awards, Barbara Millicent Roberts (aka Barbie) was presented with the Fashion Icon of the Year award.

After the awards ceremony, the busy blonde gave StyleList an exclusive interview:

StyleList: How does it feel to be named Fashion Icon of the Year?
Barbie: I am truly honored! And to think that Diane von Furstenberg presented me with my award! She is one of my style icons!

SL: We love the Judith Leiber-designed ACE award, did you get to meet her?
Barbie: Judith and I partnered back in 2005 when we did a fabulous doll together. It was fantastic to work with her again and of course I wore my Judith Leiber purse to the Awards on the red carpet. A Judith Leiber bag is a must-have for every fashionista!

SL: What was it like having custom Louboutins made for you?
Barbie: In 50 years, I have acquired over 1 billion pairs of shoes, however, my Louboutins are by far my favorite! Christian is a fantastic designer and I loved all the time I spent with him. My custom Louboutins make me feel like the luckiest doll in the world!

SL: And what was all that talk about you having less than perfect ankles?
Barbie: I'm a doll! My ankles are only 22mm in circumference! It was all just a big misunderstanding! Christian loves my ankles -- it was my arch he wanted to give a little more "lift" so I could rock those high heels. It's all in good fashion fun!

SL: So, big news with the feature film being made about you. Who do you think should play Barbie?

Barbie: Um, me... among my many careers, I'm also an actress, of course!

SL: You've been a style icon for so many years, are there any looks you regret?
Barbie: My looks throughout the years have always been a snapshot of style-in-the-moment. I had a bubble-cut hairstyle in the '60s and sported shoulder pads and scrunchies in the '80s! I love to have fun with fashion!

SL: Your hair always looks perfect, how do you do it?
Barbie: The perfect hair day takes a lot of work -- and tools! One of my hair care secrets is my special hair gel that was exclusively developed for me. Also, my favorite hair tool is a paintbrush and water -- it keeps those flyaway hairs down!

SL: How much of a say do you have in what Ken wears? Is there anything you have banned from his wardrobe?
Barbie: The roller skates... they weren't his best look and he wasn't very good. He's a much better surfer!

SL: Any guys you think are particularly dreamy?

Barbie: Justin Timberlake, Chase Crawford, and of course Ken!

SL: Who are some of your favorite designers?
Barbie: Having worked with over 80 designers, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Diane von Furstenberg and Bob Mackie, it is very hard to name favorites, as I love them all! Right now I'm very into accessories and love Justin Guinta, Devi Kroell and Alexis Bittar.

SL: Are you a "Twilight" fan?

Barbie: Of course! I was Bella for Halloween and my Edward and Bella dolls are hitting stores right now!

SL: You just celebrated your 50th birthday. What's your advice to the rest of us who want to look as young as you do at 50?
Barbie: Being made of plastic really helps one age! I also have a very dedicated, talented team of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists who help me look fabulous every day!

To see Barbie through the years, check out the below gallery:

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