A look at David Yurman's store-within-a-store at Bloomingdale's flagship in NYC. Photo: PatrickMcMullan.com

The opening reception for the new David Yurman shop-in-shop at the Bloomingdale's 59th Street flagship in NYC included a fête which upheld the brand's philosophy of accessible luxury.

The space, inspired by modern American architecture of the mid-1900s, complemented the signature twisted silver, gemstone, and pavé diamond-adorned designs with marble flooring, striped walls and, of course, the Yurmans themselves: David, Sybil and Evan.

StyleList had the opportunity to get some face time with David Yurman, where he explained more about the new store concept, the Fall 2010 collection and his take on diffusion lines.

StyleList: How does the Bloomingdale's David Yurman in-store shop compare with your soon-to-open flagship on Madison Avenue?
David Yurman: There's no comparison, really, I should say that there are some stylistic and architectural comparisons, but when you talk about Bloomingdale's, this is a store-within-a-store. When you talk about the flagship, we have a townhouse, there's a different feeling to it.

We couldn't have come in here this quickly, it took about four months [to set up]. we had the working drawings done, and for us it was just an honest, absolute perfect position, not just in New York -- in the world!

SL: What are the one-of-a-kind pieces that you have here at Bloomingdale's?
DY: These are all unique pearl combinations. There will be continual pieces, because a lot of this is to find out what the customer likes.

I can find out in my store, but that's my store -- Bloomingdale's has a different track; it's international, it's fast, it's fashion, it's fun, so I can test new products at Bloomingdale's then at my store. I get a great read!

SL: Can you reveal a bit about Spring 2010? What has been your inspiration, emerging themes, the focal point of the upcoming collection?

DY: If I knew what spring 2010 was, I would! It's already made -- I need a line sheet; I have designer Alzheimer's! Since we're already doing [next] fall...

SL: So for Fall 2010, what's your standout piece, or the item that just blows you away and says "This is it for this season?"
DY: We're doing hoops and loops; hoops, loops, beads and balls! We will probably do more of what we call "high jewelry" super expensive, super amazing materials, and my son is in charge of that.

We start at about $20,000 and go up to about half a million (dollars). Evan, our son, is a high jewelry collector, and as long as he has been able to sell at those high price points, I'm a believer.

SL: Any chance of there being a diffusion line?
DY: I don't know about diffusion lines; it's more fashion than I want to absorb. I'm a classic kind of guy, I drive the same car for five years (it's built well), I wear cowboy boots and have a horse that I love... and wife, too!

-Julia DiNardo