Plastic surgery? There's an app for that. Photo:

Plastic surgery, at your fingertips? It isn't as far fetched as it sounds.

First, there was Dr. David Shafer's Plastic Surgery App to provide answers to your biggest q's about going under the knife.

Now, another app is being launched for the iPhone and iPhone Touch that will allow you to instantly enhance and modify yourself or someone else by uploading digital images.

Called iSurgeon, the app was developed by Miami-based Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who authored a book called My Beautiful Mommy -- meant to help young children deal with their mom's new looks.

Now, Dr. Salzhauer has aimed his scalpel at anyone who might want a quick DIY digital surgery. A game mode lets you try on lip enhancements, tummy tucks, breast augmentations and many other types of improvements-but watch out, this could be addicting.

To get you started, iSurgeon will be free for a month after its late November launch and will cost you a mere $2.99 after that.

What comes next is up to you, but we can guarantee the price won't be nearly as reasonable.