Marilyn Monroe looking awfully perky. Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt, Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image

And it seems the catwalk trend has caught on earlier than expected with girls clamoring for the Material Girl's iconic JPG look. UK retailer John Lewis reports that sales of its conical bra "Fantasie Belle" are up 10% this week, according to the site.

A spokesperson from John Lewis chalks up the revival of 1950s and 1980s-style protruding undergarments to the tough economy:

"Throughout the last century the trend for feminine pointy shaped bras experienced a renaissance following times of a toughened economy, marking a return of unabashed femininity as women seek to have more fun with fashion as a form of escapism," quotes the source.

With pointy bras back in the mix, does this mean that a curvier figure is also in style? Fingers crossed!

However, not everyone is for a fuller physique. Mark Fast's use of "normal-sized" models on the runway caused drama with the show's stylist and casting director.