Russell Brand's locks have a life of their own. Photo: Getty Images

Not a big fan of Russell Brand's Kate Gosselin meets "Pirates of the Caribbean "hairstyle? (Read: a ratty mop that only Keith Richards could love.)

We'll take that as a yes.

Well, hold on to your Flowbee... because that 'do may be a dead "mane" walking.

The British actor/comedian/Katy Perry-smooching star has claimed that he is willing to cut off his famously unruly long locks if a movie role calls for it, according to the Telegraph.

Now we just need someone to cast him in a remake of "A Few Good Men," STAT!

Unfortunately, Brand denies rumors that his starring role in the "Arthur" remake calls for a trim, but according to the paper he has admitted that his hair could get in the way of juicy film roles.

"I can't keep always playing long-haired, scruffy men, otherwise my career would be limited," the paper reports Brand as having said.

"I was hoping one day to play Napoleon, but I can't play Napoleon as this shaggy-haired, bearded raconteur. But I did also want to play Rasputin, so that'll be good, I can look like this."

If the lanky Brand ever lands the role of pint-sized Napoleon, we think his hair will be the least of his problems, but never mind that. Still, we give him credit -- his bedhead has definitely gotten tamer and less teased-up since he hit Hollywood.

If we can just get him to see the light on guyliner...

Maybe Russell can consider this season's hot new boy crop.