Supermodel turned media mogul Tyra Banks is ready to dish it up. No, not bowls of her beloved full-fat ice cream or the greasy barbecue she craves.

Today, the ANTM host will reveal on her CW hit "The Tyra Banks Show" how she got her fitness groove back and shed 30 pounds without losing her famous "34DD boobies and her round booty." Banks claims she did it with an occasional nibble on the goodies she just could not give up.

The good news: Banks took her weight off gradually with "no radical diets, no shakes, no starvation," according to her nutritionist, Heather Bauer, who will appear with her famous client on this afternoon's "Get Your Shape in Shape" special.

The trimmed down model will devote an entire hour of her Emmy-award winning talk show to her diet and fitness makeover; a topic she says was requested by viewers who begged for the secret to her new look

One even sent Banks a pre-paid cell phone pleading for an intervention call and another mailed in a pair of jeans that didn't fit.
Expect Banks -- who has long preached body acceptance -- to serve up pragmatic meal and exercise plans.

She promises tips on healthy eating for busy women like herself, who are on the go, enjoy restaurants and often have to grab something fast. Her new way of eating is low on "love em and leave em carbs" and high on "fiberlicious foods."

"This is not a diet. I do not believe in diets. I have been on diets in the past. They are a bunch of bologna. This is a lifestyle change. It's not about being skinny. It's about being in the best shape you can be," she said in a statement.

And don't expect an appearance from Tyra's personal chef either. She doesn't have anyone at home whipping up egg white omelets on a moment's notice. Nutritionist Bauer writes on the show's site that "Tyra is actually a perfect example for people to follow because she doesn't have a personal chef or someone spoon-feeding her healthy meals. She's a real woman who loves food and wants it to taste good."

Newly svelte, Banks is calling for a movement. "It's time to get your shape in shape." Banks filled her entire audience with viewers who had written in asking for tips and advice and invited some of them to join in on her fitness journey by blogging about their experiences at

We are curious to hear Banks tell viewers why she decided to shape up, after famously defending her increasingly curvy body in a 2007 People magazine cover story.

Then, the 5'10' model said she weighed 161 pounds, 30 pounds more than she did for her famous 1997 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover.

Even after being taunted with headlines such as "America's Next Top Waddle," Banks said she looked and felt perfectly healthy, normal and fit. "But lately Tyra had been feeling more exhausted," Bauer explains. She had also been missing morning workouts because of her grueling schedule.

"It had become harder to carry the extra weight around." So don't be surprised if Banks counts health (rather than image) as her number one reason for pushing the plate away.

This, after all, is what we expect from a woman who has routinely cast plus-size models and, recently, short girls on "America's Next Top Model."

If the message is still self-acceptance, we can all snack on that.

Find out exactly how she dropped 30 pounds on the "Get Your Shape in Shape" episode of "The Tyra Banks Show" airing today at 4 pm on the CW.