Miss England 2009 Rachel Christie, more than just a pretty face. Photo: Danny Martindale, WireImage

Update: Rachel Christie has stepped down as Miss England following her arrest, Sky reports. Christie cited media attention over her incident as her reason for resigning.

That Miss England really is a total knockout.

Unfortunately, we're not talking about Rachel Christie's beautiful dark eyes or sparkling smile. We're referring to her mean right hook.

In a true "tantrums and tiaras" moment, the 21-year-old beauty queen has been arrested after allegedly punching 24-year-old Miss Manchester, Sara Beverley Jones in a spat over a man -- who just happens to be a Gladiator (as in, the UK version of "American Gladiators") named Tornado, Sky News reports.

Sigh. You just can't make this stuff up.

According to Sky, the two beauty queens got into it at a nightclub in Manchester, England after Christie turned up with TV star Tornado -- also known as David McIntosh. Sources say that Tornado used to date Jones, hence the catfight.

On Monday morning, Jones reportedly posted on her Twitter page, "Bad time last night, assaulted in a nightclub." (The comment was later deleted, Sky reports.)

As a result of the skirmish, Christie traded her crown for cuffs when she was reportedly arrested on suspicion of assault before being released on bail. Police officials tell the news agency that further inquiries will be conducted in January.

According to the police report, "a 24-year-old woman got into an altercation with another woman in the club and was hit in the face several times."

The report also notes that Jones was taken to the hospital and treated for "superficial" facial injuries before being released.

Guess we know who won't be winning the Miss Congeniality prize...

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