It's a Bust! Botox doubles as a cleavage enhancer. Photo: Getty Images

Ah, Botox, is there anything you can't do?

The 'tox started as a treatment for migraines and rare muscular disorders, then it went on to control sweaty armpits, and of course its most popular use is smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, women are having "breastox" -- Botox injected in the chest to lift sagging boobs. Botox can't make breasts bigger, but it can temporarily tighten the skin and lift up cleavage.

So who is doing this? People who don't want to have surgery but want to look, um, perky for a special event (wedding, class reunion) or new moms who feel a bit droopy after giving birth.

But beware -- Botox wears off in as little as three months and one round of "breastox" runs over $1,600. (It requires 12 injections!)

A cheaper alternative? How about a good old fashioned push-up bra?

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