Wisk away unflattering pictures! Photo: amazon.com

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That is, until you get tagged in a photo on Facebook showing exactly what you did at your best friend's bachelorette party.

Not anymore! Wisk (yes, the detergent brand) just introduced a new Facebook application, "Wisk-it," that allows you to delete incriminating photos of yourself from the site.

According to its Facebook page, "Wisk-it helps you clean your image by searching tagged and untagged photos in your friends' albums."

Once known for its ability to rid shirts of "ring around the collar," Wisk is now trying to update their image while helping others with theirs. "Currently there's really no easy way or efficient way to remove pictures, so we're finding that we have cracked the efficient way to clean up your online profile," Elisa Gurevich, brand manager for Wisk, told The New York Times. (The application itself was created by the TracyLocke agency, reports the paper.)

Here's how it works: Once you install the Whisk-It application, you can search through your friends' photos and choose any images you want to remove and a request will be sent to your friend to delete said photos.

And if your buddy decides to ignore your request? Sounds like we're entering frenemy territory.

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