Picture Perfect Photo: Courtesy of Photoshop

Want to hide that spot or blur those wrinkles, all from your Smartphone?

Now, the coveted ability to Photoshop pictures from your phone is no longer reserved for iPhone aficionados only.

Adobe announced today that its uber popular Photoshop.com Mobile Application is available for Android, the Google Mobile operating system, found on smartphones such as T-Mobile's MyTouch and Motorola's brand new Droid.

Not only can you browse for images online and on your phone -- directly from the app -- but you can also use advanced editing tools like crop, rotate and flip, to create better looking photos on-the-go.

With a swipe of your finger, check out special effects like Soft Focus for a subtle blur effect and Sketch, which makes photos look like drawings. Colors can also be adjusted by correcting saturation and tint, enhancing exposure and vibrancy and even converting images to black and white.

The app is free and Android users get special features, like automatically uploading pictures to Photoshop.com albums in the background, even if the app isn't running.

Now that's what we call pretty smart.