Is that Shakira...or Lenny Kravitz? Photo: Rainer Jensen, AFP / Getty Images

Shakira hit the stage at last night's MTV Europe Music Awards ready to rock out.

How do we know?

She wore dreadlocks.

The fiesty she-wolf posed on the red carpet with her hair slicked back into a super-sleek, super-long ponytail.

But when it came time for her to perform, Shakira had something else in store for her fans.

The pop star emerged in a jeweled, cutout mini dress that reminded us of a funky Cleopatra throwback. She swapped her ponytail for a half-back hairstyle that had sections twisted into dreads.

The look gave Shakira an edgy, don't-mess-with-me vibe on stage.

The star's lengthy 'locks dropped to hip level -- perhaps a subtle reminder that those famous hips do not, in fact, lie?