Shoe addicts are apparently unstoppable. Photo: Getty Images

OK, now I don't feel so bad about succumbing to those Via Spiga boots.

The New York Times reports today that shoe sales are up despite the economy.

Shoe sales rose 7.9 percent in October year-over-year and 7.8 percent for September compared with last September, according to figures the Times obtained from SpendingPulse, a MasterCard service.

Retailers and experts offered up a variety of theories about the increase: Shoes have to be replaced so they are an easier purchase to justify; shoes are more fun to buy than jeans (amen!); fall fashions demand many styles of boots.

Whatever the reason, now that I know everyone is doing it, I plan to do my part to get the economy back on its well-shod feet.

I'm headed out to shop this weekend, and may even be brave enough to try an over-the-knee style, now that I know how to wear them.

Now read up on somewhere you may not be seeing heels.