Cameron Diaz and Janice Dickinson look shockingly similar. Photos: Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images | Chris Wolf, Flynet

Tight, angular cheekbones. Puffy, pouty lips. Heavy, liner-rimmed eyes.

Janice Dickinson, is that you?

We don't like to point fingers, but Cameron Diaz was looking a little Muppet-y (and not in the good Lady Gaga sense) at the New York City premiere of her new film, "The Box."

We know it's a horror film, Cam, but that doesn't mean you need to bust out the scary beauty looks.

Even scarier, the possibility of having two Janice Dickinsons in this world. Just sayin'.

Plus, if Diaz (apparently) needs Botox, what hope do the rest of us have?

Check out Cameron's beauty evolution here.